The TFCC has received a complaint that a member of the foreign press in Taiwan was dragged by her arm from a corporate press briefing earlier this month after being told the event was strictly for local media.

The steering committee is investigating the incident. It is understood that the parties involved are also in communication.

In the meantime, we remind all parties holding press events or dealing with media in any capacity: The use of physical force or violence against reporters, local or foreign, going about their jobs is unacceptable and will be treated seriously. The Taiwan FCC invokes for our members all rights and protections provided to the press under Taiwan’s constitution.

台灣外籍記者聯誼會近日得知在11月上旬的一個企業記者會中,一名駐台記者被公關人員告知部分活動只限於本地媒體入場, 之後遭肢體拉扯方式被拖離場地.

台灣外籍記者聯誼會正對此事件做進一步了解, 該媒體也和對方在溝通中.

本會在此提醒與媒體互動的各大單位: 我們強烈譴責對新聞工作者使用肢體暴力或類似粗燥行爲。 本會將嚴肅對待此事,並強調台灣憲法授予媒體記者的採訪自由及工作權.